Observation 111552: FOX-1A (40967)

Regarding Observation 111552


Same discussion as everymonth: Good or bad? FM yes. DUV no. I chosed DUV transponder. So it’s bad.

Am I right here?

Why is it bad for DUV? I can clearly hear the low frequency rumbling, so the DUV signal is there.

You can also see it in the waterfall: the two “lines” left and right, about 200 Hz off the center in each direction, is not typical for FM :wink: That’s DUV…

Ehehehehe. Ok. Then I can set it to Good. lol

Thank you.

EDIT: This is what I see:

Is this a kind of binary code? Where can I find a definition of that code?

It is 200 baud FSK in the range below 400 Hz, so you can’t decode it with the most “normal” radios, because they have audio filters somewhere in the range from 300 Hz to 3 kHz.

FSK. Ok. It does not look like that in SA. What is is DUV stuff on satellites for? To open the transponder for FM, like on normal ham radio repeaters?

No, it is that what it’s called: telemetry!
You can use FoxTelem to decode the recordings and soon there will be a gr-satnogs decoder available. You can see some tests of it at my station #190 in dev-network (https://network-dev.satnogs.org/stations/190/) - look for the FOX observations.

FoxTelem can be found here:


Did I mention the IRC network? :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhm. Err. Yes. You mentioned it… My iPad has no good IRC client. And I’m sitting not at the PC right now. :joy_cat::grimacing:

Thank you for the informations for now.

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Thank you!!!

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