Observation 100816: FUNCUBE-1 (39444)


I need help. I think this wasn’t the FUNCUBE-1. Because signal/signals aren’t in the middle of the spectrum. So that must be other satellites. Right?

https : // network.satnogs.org / observations / 100816 /


Hey @DE8MSH !

The line you see on the left side is indeed Funcube-1. The one next to it in the middle is another satellite. The lines in the background are static noise (local or your setup).

When you see a completely straight line in a waterfall it is definitely the satellite you scheduled it for. The reason is: we doppler-compensate the frequency and the only way we end up with a straight line is if the frequency corrections were made using the specific TLE of the observation.

Check the Rating tutorial for more details, and I am always happy to clarify here.

According to this https://db.satnogs.org/satellite/39444/ it seems that there is a transmitter of the same satellite in 145.935 MHz and this is the signal that you can see at the waterfall.

Technically this should be a bad observation as the transmitter we chose, didn’t transmit. Ideally we would be able to know when the cw transmitter is enabled or not. Unfortunately we don’t know it, so we are a little flexible on vetting it as we can see that other transmitters of this satellite were transmitting at the same time.

As you can see in https://wiki.satnogs.org/Operation#Rating_observations we vet as good if there is presence of the satellite. Maybe we should open a discussion to move this vetting on transmitters level or adding an extra field that would indicate that satellite was present but not transmitting through the selected transmitter.


Now I know which two satellites are displayed here: Funcube and Nayif.

What I see here on the left is the BPSK1k2 transmission from 145.935 MHz of Funcube. And the right signal is BPSK1k2 from Nayif.

And. Yes. I agree. We shouold discuss even if we bad observation here because of not seeing the right transmssion/transponder. Or if we add another value for the right sat. But not the right transponder.

My ¢50: I don’t know what’s better. Bad because of no transmission of the mode on the right sat. Or Good because of the satellite is alive.