Normal and reverse mode on FT847 wthit GPREDICT

Hello world
I try to understand this processus.
Actualy, if I press (L) in GPR, no problem VFO A and B are locked, and work in same direction.
To reverse (no possibilityu on GPREDICT ??) , I must press TRACK , and REVERSE on FT847.
GPredict are VFO A and B are inverted, but if I depress (L) , VFO A and B continu to be inverted.
I think there are something, someone can help me?
Thank you.


I’m not sure what you mean by reversed and inverted. Do you mean inverting transponder on the satellite or swapping VFO A/B?

Hi Alex
Sorry, my english is poor…no it is tracker reverse.
VFO A frequency increase, VFO B frequency decreases

I think that works correctly if the transponder info says “Inverting: YES”, see screenshot:


Which satellite are you having problems with? Perhaps we need to update the transponder data in the SatNOGS database.

:+1: Alex, , I did not know this possibility to update. This data base is marvelous .

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It is a recent feature and still sort of experimental on the Gpredict side. Feedback is welcome.