Non-certificate Files for 3d printing v2?

Hey, I just want to say thanks for making this project so open source. However my University wont let me use their 3d printer if the files have a certificate. Is there a way for me to easily convert this to a non certificate file? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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What excactly do you mean? What kind of certificate do the files have?

For file type it says its a “Certificate Trust List.” They said they cant do it unless its a normal .stl file as if i made it by myself. I just really don`t want to go through the hassle of remaking something that’s already done.

I’ve done some tests on my machine and all .stl files seem to work normally so did some digging up through the internet.
Are they able to open other .stl files?

If your university uses Windows since Vista Windows use the .STL extension for the Certificate Trust List (CTL).
(actually have fixed that issue with Windows 10 and now they recognize STLs as “3D-object files” or something like that)
So what you can do right now… if they do a right click “File->Open with” and open it with the software that their 3D printer works it should work just fine
Telling them that their file associations got fubar (probably after an automatic update) and that they should change their file association for .stl to whatever STL viewer they are using could resolve such issues in the future.
Alternatively they can open the stl file using the 3D printer software they use and go to “File->Open”

BTW there is a similar thread in the RepRap forums.

Hope that this helped, looking forward to see your progress :smile:

PS: If you still have issues don’t hesitate to say so, we will figure out a way

Sorry for the delay, so I asked for more clarification and what was explained to me was this. They could easily print out the parts for me but there denying me because of the following reasons: Since the files end in a certificate extension I guess it means someone else made it. They said if I made the files on my computer and saved them as a normal .stl file it would not have the certificate extension. They made it very clear that im only allowed to print files that i personally made on my computer. Which is a bummer. However they said i could either remake the parts on my own computer and save it therefore not having the certificate extension OR i could try to get the files again without the certificate extension. If the latter they can print it for me. So either I need to figure out how to re-save the files with out the certificate or have it re-uploaded without the certificate. Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance. If you need me to clarify anything just ask…

There are FreeCAD files in our repos (they end in .fcstd if recollect correctly).
Using FreeCAD you will be able to save the files in several formats supported by 3D printer software.

Thank you this is exactly what i needed