No waterfalls showing

Not sure if its just the network update from today, or me… Since going to ‘on line’ from testing, I am not seeing any waterfalls.
Many passes are waiting to be vetted, but cant do it till I see the waterfall?

EDIT. I have rebooted the Pi, but am unsure what logs to check.

It looks like that sth goes wrong with uploading waterfall and audio…

Please do not reboot your RPi as this will delete results of the observations.

I’m looking on the issue and I’ll come back with updates.


The issue is tracked in satnogs-network#639, @fredy and I are working on it. He just prepared a patch which will be tested in network-dev before a push to production.


The fix has been tested in network-dev and is under deployment for production.


The fix is now deployed in production. Stations will start slowly to upload their data, so give them some time (at least 12h) before vetting.

A big thanks to @kerel for his help on finding and fixing this issue.