No apt in gprdict noaa 15

Hi , I write from Spain and sorry for my english, I have a problem I use gpredict in autotrack, but when is the moment for the pass of noaa 15, dont start automatically apt mode but argos etc, have anibody a solution? Its 1 months I have this problem, befor strat automatically apt mode, thanks and reguards

The auto-track function in Gpredict is not very smart. It will just pick the first transmitter in the list. The frequency database must have been updated with more entries, so now the default transmitter is different. Eventually, this will have to be fixed in Gpredict, for now:

  1. You could have a module with NOAA-15 only and keep the radio control window open, or
  2. Edit the transmitter data file and remove the ARGOS entry (I can tell you how if want to try this option)
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hank you very much for answering, I would be very grateful if you could explain to me how to eliminate the ficher argos, really thank you

Are you using Linux or Windows?

hi i use windows 10 thanks very much

I can only check on Windows 7 at this time. Hopefully Windows 10 is very similar…

In your home directory, where you also have Downloads, documents, musics, etc, there is a directory called Gpredict. This is where the user configuration and data is stored. The transponder data is stored in the trsp directory.

for example, my user name is Alex, so the directory is:

Open the file 25338.trsp with a plain text editor and editr as you wish. You can move the APT entry to be the first one.

Note that the changes you make will be overwritten the next time you run “Update transponder data” so perhaps you should keep a copy of your edited file for later reference.

thank you soo much really, I go to work