Newcomer Help: Requesting an Observation


I’m very new to the SatNOGS community and am in the process of setting up my own ground station as a part of a university CubeSAT project. I noticed that there are many other ground stations observing 24/7, but could not find a way to schedule an observation from another ground station. Is there a mechanism to request an observation from someone?



Hey @moose,

To schedule observations you have to be a member of the community of ground station owners. To become one it is as simple as setting up your ground station in the network! Don’t mind if it is work in progress, you can set it up in testing mode for the beginning.

Please see the wiki for details!


only thing left to mention is that while your station is in testing mode you cannot schedule observations on any station that is not your own.
once your station is out of testing mode you can schedule observations with other stations


As the previous answers noticed, you need to have an online station for scheduling to others.

However, SatNOGS community is here to help teams to observe their satellites, we try as much as possible to keep a balance on scheduled satellite passes. From time to time we give priority to some of the satellites if there are special requests or events, for example new deployments, satellites that stopped working, ARISS events etc.

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