Newbie first observation


Hi all,
Just finished building RPI 3 satnogs with RTLSDR, currently connected to a dua-band collinear antenna (Diamond X-50 IIRC).

My first observation seemed to work, and came back as ‘Good’. Link here if this works:

What’s next on this journey? I assume I need a better / more suitable antenna, e.g. turnstile or QFH ?
Or is there more I can try with my current collinear?



Hey Geoff!

You need to tweak your SDR settings. Did you already have a look at the manual adjustment part of this?

Try to find a setting for RF Gain where the signal to noise ratio is biggest without unneccessarily increasing the noise-floor. Also have a look at the ppm tweaking :wink:


Thanks for the tip DL4PD!
Will take a look and run some more observations.


Ok, I ran kalibrate-rtl to check the PPM offset against gsm, which came out at 35.
I’ve now run another observation:

Seems like there is quite of lot of gain by default for rtlsdr devices, will play around and see if more gain helps at all.
Think I’m going to have to look at a different antenna for better results though.




It is quite likely that a turnstile will give better results. You can go all oit and get one from Wimo or there is a cheaper one on AMSAT for funcube. There are also a few on eBay at wildly differing prices

I get reasonable results with a similar set up to you on VHF and internal antennas



Thanks g7kse. I’ve not seen that Funcube antenna before, will check it out. Probably cheaper than I could make one for anyway!



Perfectly reasonable for the price. Probably not one that’s going to last forever outside but good for a comparison