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Hello Everyone! My name is Osama. I’m pursuing my bachelor’s degree in CS from University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan. I intend to apply in this year’s Google Summer of Code. While doing some research I got interested in your organization. I wanted to know if it is possible to work on new ideas rather than the projects already available. I also want to know where I can discuss topics related to GSOC’20 on your community. Thank you!

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Hi @osama, welcome to the community!

For GSoC, you can submit a proposal with your own idea in GSoC site. If you want to discuss it further, you can open an issue at were all the ideas for GSoC and similar activities are documented by students and mentors.

Hi! My name is Denis, I’m from Argentina but know I’m working in Rome, Italy.

This project is great.

In Argentina, I studied a master in space technology taught at CONAE (Argentina Space Agency). Nowadays I’m making my first steps with SDR and Gnuradio for the design of a ground station. Currently learning Python.

Thanks everybody for your contributions to this project


Hi @denis and @tinbkjnbv welcome to the community!

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Hi everyone, my name is Alex! I’m a physics student on an integrated master’s degree programme, entering final year, from London. I aim to pursue a PhD in an applied field.

I’m a proficient Python programmer with professional experience, also comfortable with UNIX and with working knowledge of C++, SQL, MatLab, Javascript and web development languages.

I have a strong statistics and numerical modelling background from my degree, as well as holding advanced knowledge across various areas of physics.

I feel that I could contribute most strongly on the programming/data analysis front, as this is my strongest skill, but am happy to assist in other areas too.

I’m intruiged to learn more about the projects at Libre Space and contribute!


Welcome to the family Alex. Lot’s of interesting things going on here. Your skills will be appreciated here as we help one another with our various projects. I’m strictly hardware but the people here have guided me whenever I needed help with software.
73 Bob vk2byf


Hi, My name is Greg and I am from South Carolina, USA. I have been interested in satellites for a long time and came across this project. My background is in math/software engineering. This is a great project and I am looking forward to being a part of it!



Hello to all, my name is Johan and living in the North East from the Netherlands (JO33md). I am a ham operator (PE9DX) for 42 years now and did a lot of radio related things in my radio hobby. Satnogs and to build a ground station was already a time on my To Do list. Last 2 weeks collected a Raspberry, burned the image and then it was not working. After almost a whole day reading this community foudn some failers what could be wrong at my station. Spend a half hour to checked this and then it works.

Now comes the fun for me, building up the hardware (antennes) for my ground station.

Radio never is boring!!!


Hi everyone - my name is Mark and I live in Norfolk, England.

I was a researcher in Particle Physics (programming in fortran!) and am now a teacher. Have been really interested in space for decades since being a small boy in the 70s.

I like building antennae from scratch and have so far built a co-co for ADSB, a QFH out of 15mm pipe and more recently an eggbeater 2 out of 8mm aluminium tube and copper angle joints (no soldering!). I also built a homebrew you-loop which is just magical.

My station is 1376 and it’s now fully out of testing phase.

It gives me a real kick that the data I receive and submit is actually helpful in some small way.

The RSGB decision to allow online exams for foundation level licences in the GB mean that I am taking the exam on July 13th. Wish luck and I hope to QSO soon!


Hello everyone, my name is Yoshihiro and live in Japan, Tsukuba sciencence city, my callsign is JJ1TBC.
I’m interesting about ground station and satellite.
SatNOGS project is very exciting me.
Catching the satellite and demodulating is very interesting.
Radio and software defined radio is more and more deep.
I intend to add ground station by RPi, write blog, study code of GNU radio (gr-satnogs). Thanks.


Welcome in the community @ynakagawa!

Hello, I am Alex Copley, and I’m a student at the University of Alabama, studying Computer Science.

I’m working on the Cubesat program here (UASpace), and am looking to learn how to use SatNOGS and its related projects as a member of the Command and Data Handling sub-team.

I posted a month ago regarding working with Gpredict, and am now looking at getting acquainted with the dashboard. Currently am reading through the Satellite Operator Guide to get a feel on what to do next, and am looking forward to getting started on working with y’all.


Hey Alex welcome onboard!

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Hello everyone,

I am saurabh, I have a basic understanding of data science. I am a first time contributor.
I want to make some open source contributions but need some guidance.

Hi @alxeu, welcome! Satellite Operator Guide is the best way to go, it is still a work in progress, that people and teams like you help us to write, so feel free not only to read it but edit it too. Let us know if you need any help.

Hi @saurabhk, welcome! There are several ways to contribute, for finding what suits you more we need to know more details on what are you interested in. I suggest you join our active chat channels so we can have a more detailed discussion. Currently SatNOGS is in a process of changing the way on how it handles data, on how to produce them, edit them, add metadata on them and save them, and of course there is always a search on finding the best ways to publish and visualize them in order to be more accessible.

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Hi @fredy
Thanks for the reply,I have joined the channel.
As i told i am new to open source. I have a basic knowledge of data science and sklearn libraries. Could you please guide me on how to get started?

Hello everybody,

My name is Kasper and I am a graduated space engineer that currently working with embedded systems. I saw that this project was open source and found it very interesting. So thought I would see if I could contribute to it somewhat. It is my first time participating in open-source. So might need some guidance and help where to start. But eager to learn.

I know python, C/C++, Linux and some about the documentation made from ESA.

Hope to collaborate well with you all.

Kind regards,



Good day! My name is Onno and I live in the southern part of The Netherlands and the most southern part of Sweden. I’ve been active in the global space and GEO satellite business for over 25 years. I know how to design and build large earth stations but also global VSAT networks. I’ve started shifting towards nano satellite systems and potential opportunities that possibly can support IoT solutions in Africa. Therefore, we’ve decided to build relatively professional satellite monitoring stations on the roof of our offices in Netherlands, Sweden, Tanzania and Philippines and some partner roofs on remote islands. The Libre Space Community is a great source of inspiration. In return I’m hoping to be able to actively contribute to its further development. I may need support from the community…I’m ready to assist the community in any way possible.

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I passed my Foundation Level exam and so my call sign is now M7ODY !

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Hello Libre Space community!

My name is Erik Hoyer and I currently live in Ventura, California.

I found this project though my interest in SDR, Arduino and more importantly the open source community. I don’t hold any special license or degree in engineering but I hope I can contribute to this project in my own way.

Recently I soldered the rotor controller v2.2 and 3D printed the rotor parts (still need to post process). If anyone has information on the satNOGS optical endstop v2 please let me know, I haven’t been able to find a BOM or schematic for it.