New user question

Hi all, I am a new user, I would like to know how satnogs interpret data with AX25?
Can Somebody help me with this.
Thank You

Hi @uomtest and welcome!

Not sure if I understand your question right, but I’ll try to give an answer:

To receive and decode AX.25 frames there are several stages, first is using at the station one of the SatNOGS GNURadio flowgraphs to receive and demodulate the AX.25 frames that later we push to SatNOGS DB where a decoder, generated by a katai struct from SatNOGS Decoders, will decode and will give some raw values. This values are pushed to an InfluxDB instance from where with the necessary calculation we visualize them in Grafana Dashboards.

Yes, Thank you, But not only AX25, along with AX25, we also using Mt25 Protocol(not a standard one), the MT.25 protocol is a cross breed between AX.25 and FX.25 where we have some encouraging results with some coding gain.
I would like know, Does satnogs support this MT25 ?

Thank You

We have discussed this earlier today in the matrix/irc channel. MT.25 is not supported, however we can work on this direction. The first step is to open an issue in SatNOGS flowgraphs repo with all the details/documentation around this protocol. Also for testing purposes IQ data will be very useful. In case there is a gnuradio demodulator already it may help, so include this in the issue.

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