New User Question?

Hi: I am very interested in getting started in SatNOGS…I have, basically, no equipment, so I am starting from scratch…It sounds like the first think I need to purchase is a Raspberry Pi…Should I order Ver 3 or 4? I have never worked with anything except Windows, so it will be a real learning experience! What would be the next logical purchase after the Pi? Anxious to get started…I am a retired US Army officer with lots of time to work on this, so lay it on me! Thanks a lot,

Steve Ziegler
Garden City, Kansas USA


Hi Steve,

Please have a look at the Wiki on this page
That’s a very good starting point with a lot of explanations.
I started with a very basic configuration : Raspberry Pi 3, SDR Nooelec NESDRSMArt, and a dualband VHF/UHF antenna (Diamond X-30, no rotator). All that for less than 100 €uros.
Then you can already expect good results, learn a lot of stuff, and have fun !

Regards, Benoit ON3ZZT


Thanks for the reply! Is it possible to operate the SatNOGS system using a Windows laptop computer, or is it restricted to Pi? Thanks…

No, only Linux is supported, see here