New User: GPS Satellite Prediction

Hi everyone,

I am a new user to GPREDICT, and I wanted to use it to see the GPS satellite coverage of my location to maximise the effectiveness of some swift piksi GPS antennas. It seems like this would be a pretty common new user kinda task so I was looking for any kind of tutorial\best practices someone might have created to do this.


NM - I figured it out! =D

Is there a way to add more granular or have a larger polar image to get a better sense for where the satelites are in a alti-azimuth sense?

Also, is there a way to give GPREDICT a time and have it show the predicted coverage?

Hi Ben,

There is a user manual that explain what gpredict can do, but it is a generic introduction, not application specific tutorial. See

You can make the window as large as your monitor, in fact, even larger, so the answer is yes.

The module popup menu has an entry called “Time controller”. Here you can set an arbitrary time.

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