New Satellites: Plan for SSO-A SmallSat Express Launch on November 19



I’ve just added the satellite with its two transmitter modes.

I’ve assigned it a temporary norad id which is 99932.

Thanks again for the information about the satellite!


A detailed description of the GMSK telemetry would be appreciated!


Yes, there are two satellites KazSTSat and KazSciSat developed by Ghalam with the coperation of other companies, our satellite is also Kazakhstani satellite.
I saw the entry for al-Farabi-2, but the description is wrong, our satellite is 1U and we were not removed from this flight. ALso I was thinking maybe there is a confusion with our previous satellite “al-Farabi-1” but that one was 2U. How does the data get filled for that website?


Of course! But will be giving that later.


I don’t know how it is filled, but you are always welcome to spread details either in this forum or you could put some effort in suggesting new satellites and transmitters in SatNOGS-db.

Awesome to read more and more from satellite owners in here!


Could we fill in more information ourselves, at page assigned for al-Farabi-2? Also, assigned ID is it permanent, I mean the one that is going to be used everywhere in catalogs?


Hi, thanks for the info. We would be interesting if KazSTSat and KazSciSat are in radio amateur frequencies to add them in db too.

About I can see a contact form that you can send your message. I think this is the proper way to inform them.

Unfortunately right now in for satellite pages you can suggest only transmitters. So for their creation and changes you will need to contact us, either here with a post or a personal message to me. We have already in plan to make them editable in the near future.

About the assigned ID, it is only used by and It is a temporary one we use in order to be able to schedule observations. After ~2-4days, maybe more in this launch, we will be able to assign the final norad id. This depends on a lot of things, like how many deployed satellites are transmitting, how fast they will have a different trackable orbit etc.


As we have only preliminary TLEs, I’ve scheduled for the first 3 hours at least one observation for each of the 22 satellites. I left only Centauri-1 out as it transmits only over Australia and Spain, so it will get some of the slots over Australia.

I would like to ask everyone to be careful with scheduling as there are many satellites and we have limited slots. If there is already something scheduled on your station but you want to schedule something else, please feel free to schedule what you want but please send me a message here or in irc/matrix of which satellite observation you deleted in order to be able to schedule it on another slot.

As the TLE are preliminary, they are probably going to be changed soon with more accurate, so I suggest don’t schedule in the far future.

Thank you and 73!


Well done to @fredy and everyone else who has done so much work for this launch! It was a great sight watching the Falcon 9 go up - can’t wait to see some green observations from all the CubeSats!

One thing - the default transmitter on Fox-1C is showing AFSK9k6 which will rarely be used, instead it should default to DUV since that is where the useful telemetry will be.


This will automatically change with “good” observations.
As there are no observations yet the default is the last one added to the db. :wink:


From the AMSAT mailing list:

This the first post-launch TLE for Fox-1Cliff. Thanks to Alan, WA4SCA for
generating this TLE from SpaceX data.

Fox-1Cliff Post-Launch
1 99995U 18095A 18337.80370529 .00000000 00000-0 00000-0 0 14
2 99995 97.7684 46.9569 0012665 260.4419 20.6997 14.94922885 15

Ray Hoad
AMSAT-NA Orbital Elements Manager


Signals from several SSO-A objects were received during the European pass of 23:05UT. Signals at these frequencies, with these tentative identifications, were heard, and would benefit from scheduling:

437.148 Range A
437.251 CSIM-FD/MinXSS-2
145.860 ITASAT-1
437.005 ESEO


First(?) successful observations of ESEO in SatNOGS

  • 349067 (pre-launch TLEs)
  • 349360 (first obs with post-launch TLE, there are already a few more)


Update 2

  • Successful observation of VisionCube in 348868 (maybe another satellite)


Some more from the 9UT pass:

145.840 JY1-Sat Funcube look a like?
145.860 JY1-Sat
145.920 Fox-1C
145.950 MOVE-2
436.731 ???
437.148 Range A
437.251 CSIM-FD/MinXSS-2
437.275 PW-Sat2
437.775 Suomi-100


Damn, @drchrisbridges beat us with 1 minute!!!


And a few more:

437.275 SNUGLITE
436.500 ??
435.500 ??
145.900 ExseedSat-1


PW-Sat2 is 435.275 MHz, currently bpsk 1.2k


For PW-Sat2 we are using those tle with success, however it’s not accurate.


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And those guys working on TLEs… really awesome!


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