New observation button

Hello everybody!

I am trying to create a new observation. However, I cannot see the “new observation” button anymore in the website. Is there a requirement before creating a new observation for new accounts?

Thanks and regards!

Hi @denizmenekay first of all are you a groundstation owner you have to have a station on the network to be able to schedule observations?

Oh really, I am planning to build a ground station in next month but not yet. I just remember that I was able to create observation without having ground station. It’s my bad then. Thank you for your reply!

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@denizmenekay you can find the permissions model in our wiki in this permission matrix.

EDIT: Just to add that the whole concept of SatNOGS is based on people and satellite teams sharing their stations. So, in order to use/share others station you need to share yours.

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No worries! Hope to see your station on the network soon. :slight_smile: