New db suggestion: Tanusha 3 and 4

I haven’t found much information, but Tanusha 3 and 4 were deployed from the ISS today. In the past, they have transmitted FM on 437.050 MHz but I haven’t been able to find more details.

Definitely in favor of that. I heard the downlink of (what i believe is) Tanusha 3 today more or less by accident.
Nice signal, would be cool to have that in SatNOGS.

Ah, these are already in the Database.

But the transmitters aren’t quite correct, I think.
I heard one of the repeater downlinks at 145.800 MHz today. I think 437.050 is the UL rather then the DL.

ISS is configured to relay the downlinks of the TANUSHA experiments, because they might have a higher spin rate than expected. That’s the reason why you can receive the downlinks also on 145.800 +/- doppler.

Ah, that explains it. Thanks!

So the HAMs doing FM voice QSOs via the ISS relay are interfering with the telemetry signal from the satellites, aren’t they? Thats very unfortunate :frowning:

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yes, it is very unfortunate - as ARISS has not authorized such use of that repeater.


We have lots of good observations of Tanusha-3 but I don’t think anyone has heard Tanusha-4 yet. We also have captured it on relay such as:
I still can’t make out the FM announcement, although it is clearer on the relay than the original 70cm beacon.
ARISS is aware of the hams using the relay - hopefully something can be done about it in the future if this telemetry relay is to be used again.


After some recent observations with the latest TLEs, it looks like that Tanusha-3 has norad id 43597 and Tanusha-4 has norad id 43598. Network and db are updated with these norad ids.

Unfortunately there aren’t any reports for signal of Tanusha-4, so signals in Tanusha-4 observations are those of Tanusha-3 that transmits on the same frequency (but different doppler correction), so they should be vetted as bad.

related observations:

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Agreed. I re-vetted a couple of the Tanusha-4 observations that I scheduled as Bad, but I guess it will take an administrator to change the rest:

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