New antenna, unable to schedule

Hi (again),

I’d switched my station to test and changed the antenna to an UHF one.

But when I try to schedule test passes for UHF satellites (i.e. LUSAT) the passes are calculated but the schedule button remains disabled.

Is there anything else I should do for the new antenna configuration to be recognized so I can test it?

Thanks in advance, Pedro LU7DID

Please provide a link to your station. Thanks!

Not sure what a link to my station is.

ID is 499 (LU7DID)

73 de Pedro, LU7DID

I can see nothing wrong with the station on the network side. Are you sure you are logged in @lu7did ?

Thank you for your answer.

I finally made it work, however there is something that probably I don’t quite understand; not sure if it’s a bug or my comprehension of what the test mode is.

When I switched the antenna and update the station configuration I placed the station in test mode until I can evaluate the change.

With my station in test mode (figure attached) I’m unable to schedule passes.

Placing back the station as online that restriction dissapear, and now I’m able to schedule observations.

My understanding of the test mode is the station owner is able to perform observations while on it but other observers aren’t.

Yes, I’m logged as the station operator as you can see in the “avatar”.

Any suggestion?

73 de Pedro, LU7DID

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In the first screenshot you need to select (by clicking on them or in the “All” button) the observations to schedule. As none observation is selected, the schedule button is disabled.

The non-selected observations is result of the station being in testing mode, you can override this by following this link in this link you set that you want this specific station, so by default all the observations, even if it is in testing mode, are selected.

Alternatively you can go on your station page and schedule observations from there.

Thank you, following that it does work. However, please note the “all” checkbox is checked when the page is presented, so it’s confusing.

73 de Pedro, LU7DID


hm… the concept is that the icon shows what the button does… maybe in a future change of UI the text will be omitted. There is an issue for showing how many observations are selected/are going to be scheduled, this will clear up any confusion when implemented. Thanks for the feedback!

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Good call on the confusion - I also filed this issue to clarify the wording: