Need help in using an Arduino

I am new to the group. I am working on getting my station set up. I just got my 3D printer and Printing out the parts. What I really like to know has anyone used an Arduino and the DFROBOT Stepper Motor Shield for Arduino with A4988 Stepper Drive. if so could you help me out in setting it up. I am new to both the programing of Arduino. If its hardware I can trouble shot or do anything with that. Been in the Electronic world for over 50 years. I am also an Advance Class Amateur Radio Operator.

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I can not help much with the Arduino side of the project as I am trying to use a different rotor solution but I did find an excellent document to be used in you ‘attempt’ at the software install and configuration for the client. I too have been a US HAM for a long time and I am a hardware design engineer by profession, but only a casual linux user. The below doc will really help.

If you want to email off community, my call is N7IPY and I am good in QRZ.


Hey, you can use satnogs rotator firmware, and change the definitions for pins. For example.