Nearly Free PCB's

I’ve got a few spare ones if anyone wants one… just pay for the postage

I ordered a new PCB from Dirty PCB’s, partly because they are cheap but partly because you also get 10 for next to nowt. Now then if you would like one then let me know and I’ll get one sent over to wherever you are in the world, or I can send the remainder over to a benevolent distributor of all parts :wink:

I am interested in a PCB, please send me an email to Lbernal {at} gmail

Thank you!

Great !! I’m interested too, my mail thempra {at}

Thx !!

I would like one in case my self-manufacture goes poorly… I’ve never etched a board.
chriscrewdson at gmail is my address.

I’m interested In a PCB too if you still have available. Email is my call sign at Gmail.

Me too if you have one aditional set. LU9CBL AT GMAIL DOT COM