My Ground Station is still showing up red

My Ground Station is still showing up red

I have verified my config
SATNOGS_API_TOKEN 42… 59 (the same as was issued to me)

When checking
$journalctl -f -u satnogs-client.service
Exception: Status code: 401 on request:

I have verified $curl https:// (space inserted, I’m a newbie)
I get a JSON response

I get a JSON response when I do a
$curl https:// (space inserted, I’m a newbie)

Please advise

–Konrad, WA4OSH

Double-check your API token!
If you did already: do it again! :wink:


I’ve just checked by running the api request with your api key and station id as it is run by the client and I got an answer.

+1 on what @DL4PD suggested. Check the api key again, check that there are not spaces or hidden characters on api token at the beginning or at the end.

EDIT: My request made your station look online… it will get offline after some time passed without a new request.

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@DL4PD Fredy, Patrick
I made a typo, having to enter the API key manually.

Putty does not allow me to copy and paste into the setup form. It did help to take a text editor and put the API key on the first line and then after doing the setup to read the result from http://:5000/configuration/ and copying the result from SATNOGS_API_TOKEN underneath.

Corrected the typo. Notice it changed from Red to Orange [Testing]
Next step – make an observation.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


Great! Looking forward for your first observations :smiley:

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PuTTY does allow C&P:

  • mark text while depressing left mouse-button
  • after releasing the marked text is copied into the clipboard
  • paste copied text with depressing third mouse-button (this button can be emulated with depressing left and right button simultaneously)

This is not very common to windows users :wink: