Modify the image in Gpredict

Hi! it’s there any way to modify the predefined image for the Gpredict??? I’m mean the image that appears where the satellite will be in the pass across the sky.

I want to add another image with the obstrution of my location, I have two buildings near, and want to see easily wen i must receive telemetry and when not (because the satellite it’s behind that building and cover the sat).

Maybe it’s a easy way to personalice it, and easy to adapt to my location.
i’m thinking something like this:


That’s a cool idea. Not a coder, so can’t help. But a very neat idea.

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It will be great to know when really can RX a signal, when i’m remotly control the groundstation.

Support for “blocking zones” has been on my list for many years since it can also be useful for preventing large antennas from moving where there are not supposed to, however, I don’t know when there will be time to add this since there are many critical bugs and improvements that have higher priority right now.

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Thanks Alex for all you work with Gpredict and SatNOGS. For now if i can put a custom picture that replace it, it will be great.

Do you know if it this possible??? or the image its inside the code in some way?

Thanks again for all your work!

It is not possible because it is not an image, it is the program that draws lines and circles.

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