Mechanical (FreeCad) design as assembly

Hey there,

I am mostly just curious, since I am not a mechanical guy I dont know about this kind of stuff. I can find STL files of all parts in the git, ok, but is there an assembly file of all parts and how they fit together?

I’m not sure of a breakout diagram, but there are instructions here:

In CAD programs you build single parts and combine them in an assembly drawing, right? I ment this assembly file (but not picture).

Sry for unprecise question.

In many cases, yes, but not all parts have been designed in the same program here.

However, I forgot that someone did do assembly pics in blender, you can find them here:

Looking further, I think these are based on the v1 design whereas parts are a bit different now, but the idea is still the same.

Hello and sorry for the late answer. The lack of an assembly mode in freecad was one of our major difficulties with the program but last week we find a way to enable it using this repository. For the time looks very promising and (surprisingly) stable.