MCUBED-2 not under observations

Why don’t I see MCUBED-2 under the UHF birds to track on my GS? This is also a FSK bird (not GMSK)!

When I try to schedule observations for any ground station, it tells me that “No TLEs for this satellite yet”. I suppose the satellite is in the DB because people have been uploading telemetry through the SIDS interface.

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I made your changes to BISONSAT but by correcting the original entry. When there is a factual error in the original entry, e.g. wrong mode or baud rate, we should correct the existing transmitter and not create a new one. When we add new frequencies due to e.g. drifting we usually create a new transmitter.

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How can we give this satellite TLE in satnogs network?

Celestrak doesn’t give TLE for this sat

Do you have any TLE source for it?

I have added manually TLE from

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