Map Centering Issue

I am running GPredict 2.2.1-ubuntu18.04~ppa3. I set the map centering in Preferences/Modules/Map View to -99 which is close to my location. The map did not change from the view centered on 0 (zero). I shut down the program and restarted it. No change to the map position. I checked ~/.conf/Gpredict/gpredict.cfg and it showed that the map should center at -99. Is there something else I need to do?


What is he doing exactly?

Hi Bill,

It looks like there is a bug in version 2.2.1 that got fixedworks again in the latest development code. The fix will be available in the next version 2.4. Until then, you can change the setting for each module individually and that works in version 2.2.1 also.


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I believe that there was some issue internal to my .cfg file or similar. I installed GPredict onto an instance of Ubuntu 18.04 that is a boot option on my laptop (I use it to remote in via VNC to my primary Linux box). It worked just fine. I uninstalled GPredict, deleted my .cfg file on the primary Linux box, rebooted just to be sure to remove any hidden stuff in the system, reinstalled GPredict from the PPA site, and it worked.

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