LM35 temperature monitoring for motors


I was just wondering. There’s a bunch of analog pins available to hook up temperature sensors (LM35?) for each stepper. Do you think that would be valuable? If so, I’d open a PR to add it to the v2 design for both software and hardware.


I think temperature monitoring will be necessary, at the bare minimum monitoring what the ambient temp is.

So far my tracker has been running “topless” and so the interior is exposed to the ambient air circulation. It has also been reaching 35C during the day. If my tracker case was sealed and weatherproofed I have concerns about how much added heat would be generated inside, in addition to the sun heating it up on a 35C day.

Having a running log of the ambient temp would at least help to identify a breaking point if there ever comes one.

… in the same thread most CPUs will have a temp sensor on board as well which would be a good place to start. However, with the mix of architectures that will be possible (ie: t-link, beaglebone black, raspberry pi 2) it will be tough to throw code in to the main client and expect it to work everywhere. Might be best served by a tutorial and ‘extra’ scripts?


I agree with @kb9jhu. As discussed here we can also use other sensors to monitor the health of the rotator.

Cool. I’ll create a PR and build a page with visual instructions on how to put it together. I think the protocol already has facilities for reading sensor state.