Link is busted vo V3.1

Guys and Gals,

I am trying to figure out the difference between the version I am currently building (which has the IR sensor): - this shows a pic of the version that I am currently trying to build up (has the IR sensor).

and the latest version (3.1). The problem is the link for that version is busted: which is busted.

At first glance with the CAD drawings it appears that the only differences between the two sets of hardware is the end stop bracket, and two gears…Is that correct?



There’s also a motor mount and the sprocket is different to work with the mechanical endstop. Believe the worm gear goes together a little differently in 3.1, same parts though on the work gear

So where are the build instructions for this version? Man this is so frustrating…

Not created yet. 3.1 isn’t officially released yet. But are encouraged to build it and contribute to creating the instructions and docs. I’ve took pics in various stage of my build, was gonna eventually post with some instructions after I got mine together and working

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So how are we supposed to piece this hardware together? They’ve release the V2.0 PCB (at least it is on the website), but the documentation is next to impossible to find…where is the info for the end stop switch?

The rotator electronics instructions (for v2.0 of electronics) can be found here:
(you have to admit they are super complete, well done to @azisi for compiling those!)

The instructions are linked also from here

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So, what is the process to add to the write-up to hep with clarity and such. Also, I have updated the rotor_pins.h file that is on the repository is NOT correct. I finally just took the file, modified and am using it now. How do I get that file to “someone” to incorporate into the current release?

Here is my version of the file that corresponds exactly with the schematic V2 dated 2018-01-2.

  • /*

    • rotator_features.h
    • Created on: Nov 12, 2017
    •  Author: azisi
  • */

  • #ifndef ROTATOR_PINS_H_

  • #define ROTATOR_PINS_H_

  • #define M1IN1 10

  • #define M1IN2 9

  • #define M1SF 7

  • #define M1FB A1

  • #define M2IN1 11

  • #define M2IN2 3

  • #define M2SF 6

  • #define M2FB A0

  • #define MOTOR_EN 8

  • #define SW1 5

  • #define SW2 4

  • #define RS485_DIR 2

  • #define SDA_PIN A4

  • #define SCL_PIN A5

  • #define PIN12 12

  • #define PIN13 13

  • #define A2 A2

  • #define A3 A3

  • #endif /* ROTATOR_PINS_H_ */