Leftover PCBs. Anyone need one?


recently we ordered some PCBs, the controller board v1.2 and the psu v1.
The minimum order was 10 boards that cost us about 27, so if anyone need one we can sell it for 3€ (neither win nor lose money) plus whatever shipping is (registered international airmail is something around 4)

Also if it’s student-related or you can come to Barcelona (Spain) we can give it for free :relaxed:

Salve disponibile 2 pcb?

Sure, i’ll send you a message

Molte grazie Fevs per la risposta.


Do you still have any boards available? I could do with one to complete the setup.


Alex, g7kse

If there are any left, I’d like 1 complete set. 2 if possible.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Are all the boards spoken for?


Hello, I’m living in Germany. I’m interested on 1 or 2 sets. Please send me a mail.

I would like a set please, I’m in Western Australia so how much post and how do I pay :slight_smile: