Keep the downlink constant

Hi there,

I use Gpredict 2.3.57 with Hamlib 4.0 (nightly build) and the IC9700 and have had some QSOs on the satellites in SSB, CW and FM with this setup in the past few months.

Gpredict keeps the frequency on the satellite constant, as it is state-of-the-art today.

But regularly I had qso partners who keep the downlink constant (as was standard in the past). Either manually or via a satpc32 option.

I wonder if Gpredict also has the option to choose, to hold the downlink constant?

How do you control such stations? I currently manually and permanently adjust the frequency via the main dial knob. But that doesn’t feel like the perfect solution.

Maybe you can share your knowledge or experience with me?

73 de DL7OAP, Andreas

I don’t have an answer for you (other than I don’t think it can do it), however when this happens I simply turn off cat control and start spinning knobs manually. I’ve learned to set my downlink filter very wide so that I don’t have to adjust as much during a QSO (you just have to live with chipmunk or ogre voices).

Which hamlib build are you using? Is the 9700 fully supported, now? I know some people have patches that work, but maybe its in the master branch now?

oops, I see now that some dedicated people have been slowly chipping away at the bugs with 9700/hamlib control:

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ok. Switch off the control and do the correction manually is a solution. Are there other procedures, which the people use in this circumstance?

to your question: i using the nightly build of the hamlib fork of Mike which you can found here:
this fork will be merged later into the hamlib master branch. in the latest commit from yesterday evening it works with WSJTX and gpredict. And gpredict works here now with simple frequencies via VFO A/B like the SpaceStation APRS 145.825 and U/V V/U SSB/FM satellites working, too.

But there is a problem, when you switching from wsjtx to gpredict. then control will be messed up. currently you have to restart rigctld and then start gpredict.

When you are using the old hamlib you can use my python script which corrects the communication between gpredict and ic9700. this pythonscript also set correct tone squelch 67Hz and even set the correct modes for you.

Bye Andreas, DL7OAP

@DL7OAP I have opened an issue and will implement this feature.