ISS SSTV - Inter-MAI SSTV for short periods on June 6-7

Here are the targeted times for Inter-MAI SSTV operations (subject to change): June 6, 12:30-14:30 UTC and June 7, 11:50-15:25 UTC. Check your orbits to see if ISS will be in range of your location in those time blocks.

Looks like another activity has shifted the SSTV end time to allow another pass on June 6. End time now 16:30 UTC.

Source: ARISS SSTV blogspot

Some statistics and info:

  • 12 images were transmitted. Satnogs stations managed to receive (completely or partially) 9 of 12 (3,4 and 5 are missing).
  • Total duration of the event: 7h and 35min
  • Total coverage from satnogs network: 1h 54min 49sec which is ~25.23% of the total event time.
  • Transmission of actual SSTV started after 12:58 on June 6th. Until then all the observations were able to catch the carrier of the transmission.
  • Total satnogs observations vetted as good: 57
  • Total satnogs observations with images decoded: 40 observations having decoded 68 images
    which is 1.7 decoded images per observation. Some of the 68 were partial, some other complete.
  • Total satnogs stations had at least one successful observation: 19
  • During the transmission there were CW signals of “RS0ISS K”

Bellow are all the successful observations:

Congratulations and 73 to all stations owners and all the observers!