ISS SSTV: Inter-MAI-75 and ARISS Garriott memorial from 2019-07-29 to 2019-08-04

Hi remind me how do I time table the iss sstv events? do i just timetable 145.800 ? or should there be a sstv entry on the following dates

Inter-MAI-75 activity
(July 29) GMT 210/13:15 – SSTV activate
(July 29) GMT 210/21:25 – SSTV power down

(July 30) GMT 211/13:50 – SSTV power up
(July 30) GMT 211/19:30 – SSTV shutdown

The second event will be a world wide event running from August 1 through August 4 and the schedule is:

ARISS SSTV activity
(Aug 01) GMT 213/09:40 – SSTV activate
(Aug 02) GMT 214/14:00 – SSTV check
(Aug 04) GMT 216/18:15 – SSTV shutdown



Hi @blueskies

The SSTV transmitter was inactive in, I’ve added a suggestion (you can do that in the future) for making it active again. I’ve also approved that suggestion, so now is again visible on network for scheduling.

I’ve also scheduled passes for July 29 (starting 15min earlier and finishing 30min later as sometimes starts earlier and finishes later). I will also schedule the rest days too, but feel free to help me on that. :slight_smile:

Just a note, as ISS SSTV signal is pretty strong and can be probably received even lower that the minimum station horizon, please when you schedule for these events from observations/new page, please go to advanced options and select “Custom” station horizon and set it to 0, in order to cover the whole pass from 0 degrees to 0 degrees.

PS As currently we don’t have a decoder for SSTV, I’m going to use an automatic script to decode and upload images in the observations. This script tries to decode only good observations, so as soon as an observation will be vetted as good, it will get into the queue for decoding and uploading the results.


great thanks Fredy
so next time just ask for the transmitter to be activated


For the station owners, from

Update July 31, 2019
Below is the recent news release from ARISS. Of particular note is the mention of a certificate for successfully receiving and posting of one of the Garriott images.

ARISS News Release No. 19-12

Dave Jordan, AA4KN
July 30, 2019
SSTV Event planned for Early August

ARISS plans to celebrate the life and accomplishments of astronaut, scientist and ham radio pioneer Owen Garriott with a commemorative SSTV event featuring images from Garriott’s work with ham radio during his missions in space. This event is currently scheduled to begin on August 1 at 09:40 UTC and ends at 18:15 UTC on August 4. Please make note that the content of these upcoming SSTV transmissions may change. An update is expected after Friday, July 26 as to what the image content will be for the August 1-4 dates. If this change takes place, the Owen Garriott image transmissions will be postponed until another event can be scheduled toward the end of August.

Transmissions will be sent at 145.800 MHz FM in the SSTV mode PD-120. Once received, images can be posted and viewed by the public at and you can receive a special SSTV ARISS Award for posting your image. See for details. Also for simplicity, we have added a new information tab for SSTV events, under the General Contacts pulldown menu at . The latest updates can also be found at the ARISS Facebook site Amateur Radio On The International Space Station (ARISS) and on Twitter @ARISS_status.

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My script for decoding and uploading good observation had some issues. I’ve fixed them and now it works fine. It will take 1-2 days to complete the decoding and uploading.

For the certificate/award of this SSTV event check the previous post.

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Hi Fredy
I logged in to the iss sstv section on the trasmitters , how do I make this active ? I see there looks to be a couple of entries for sstv ? New iss sstv event 9.10.19 09.50 - 14.00 utc and 10.10.19 08.55 - 15.15 utc

is there a insrtruction section to the website ?

There are two entries… the one is a temporary entry that was added in a previous event when there was an error in ISS transmission. The other one, is the one that should be activated and is called “Mode V Imaging”.

You need to login, press the edit button, change the status fro inactive to active and add a citation link to the SSTV event ( is a good source). Then submit the change and it will be reviewed soon.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks Fredy will give it a try later


Think iv done as requested


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I’ve reviewed it and everything is right. I’m just going to add the changes 48h before the SSTV event (7th Oct), so we can start only then to schedule observations for SSTV transmitter.


Thanks Fredy
Im having internet problems so have put my ground station on testing , new provider should be up and running in 7 -10 days.
Will task some other stations with iss sstv downloads and try with the homemade 70cm / 2 m yagi from the house porch and the handheld . If the aerial works well will add it onto the ground station once iv had it tested at the ham club next week.


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Transmitter is now enabled, let’s move to this thread for more about October’s event.

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