ISS SSTV - 30-31 July 2018 - INTER-MAI-75

Looks like the folks at MAI will have an experiment run right at the end of July. Crew timeline shows activation of the SSTV system beginning with setup starting at 16:00 UTC on July 30. The system will be powered down that same day at 19:30 UTC. The next day (July 31), the system will be again active from 13:25-19:15 UTC. Downlink is presumed to be on the traditional 145.80 MHz frequency. Mode will likely be PD120 but not officially known at this time.

Source: ARISS SSTV blogspot

Some statistics and info:

  • 12 images were transmitted. Satnogs stations managed to receive 8 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12) completely or partially.
  • Total duration of the event: 9h and 20min
  • Total coverage from satnogs network: 2h 1min 6sec which is ~21.63% of the total event time.
  • Total time of observations (includes overlapped observations): 10h 26min 46sec
  • Total satnogs observations vetted as good: 59
  • Total satnogs observations with images decoded: 58 observations with 129 images decoded which is ~2.23 decoded images per observation. Some of them were partial, some other complete.
Observations - click here to see them all

Thanks @fredy for decoding these images!

A map showing all stations listed above and the ground track during the observations:

A timeline showing the timestamps of the decoded SSTV images, as given by QSSTV and encoded in the filename of the images:

NOTE: There are overlapping points created when more than one image was decoded during one pass (only a few minutes separated).
(due to a bug some observations are missing in this timeline) Fixed.

Both visualisations created with the code of the python notebook SSTV_2018July.

Edit: A more detailed timeline of the first event phase, with observation start&end times as horizontal lines: