ISRO PSLV Launch - 0400Z Thursday, November 29, 2018

Here’s one I think we might have missed?

There appears to be 4x payload with amateur beacons on this launch:

‘Reaktor Hello World’ - 437.775 MHz CW and 9k6 GFSK (though it’s a custom packet format, not AX.25)
Refer here for details:

3CAT1 - 437.250 MHz CW / 9k6 FSK (No info on packet format)

FacSat-1 - 437.350 MHz 9k6 GMSK (No info on packet format)

InnoSAT-2 - 437.450 MHz FSK (“50kHz wide telemetry using AX25 and a proprietary packet format” - No other info found so far)

Also on this launch is Centauri-I, which is a locally (Adelaide, South Australia) built 3U Cubesat that will be transmitting TLM on 400.625 MHz. This is a commercial satellite though, so I’d understand if this wasn’t added to the DB (though I’m really interested in whether it’ works!)

According to the Reaktor website, the preliminary TLE is:

Hello World              
1 23002U 23002A   18333.26351736 0.00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0  9995
2 23002  97.4807  38.1324 0008229 288.8075 272.2161 15.22324998    00

It is on my radar, they already have postponed once the launch.

Actually I’m planning to add these cubesats today in db.

Thanks for opening this thread in order to track this launch and its cubesats.


Did Reaktor get loaded?

TLE Update:

1 23001U 23001A   18333.26421181 0.00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0  9995
2 23001  97.4807  38.3831 0008229 288.8075 272.2161 15.22324995    01

73s C

Not yet, I’m on it right now! :slight_smile:

I’ll update this thread with the details.

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Five satellites have been added in db and 7 transmitters on them. Their temporary norad ids are from 99900 to 99904 and their initial TLEs are the ones of REAKTOR. Please feel free to review them and let me know if you see something wrong on them.

I have scheduled several observations for all of them in network for the first 7 hours, giving a little more priority to Reaktor as it is the only one that its team reach us for observing it and also provide us with TLE.

The rocket is launched and HySIS, its main payload is deployed. Waiting for the cubesats deployment in about 1h, around 06:16 UTC. Our first observations will take place 1h after the deployment, around 7:28 UTC.

Deployment of all the cubesats was successful. Waiting now for observing the first transmissions! Here is a nice coverage of the launch.

New Reaktor TLE Fredy! 73s C

1 23001U 23001A   18333.26421181 0.00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0  9995
2 23001  97.4807  38.3831 0008229 288.8075 272.2161 15.22324995    01

I think they are the same with the previous you posted… am I missing something?

I think it’s just me ‘having a moment’. Don’t worry, I think we’re all set. 73s C

@drchrisbridges nice catch of the reaktor

Until now we have received signal from FACSAT and Reaktor.


Note that 3CAT-1 is also active, but apparently only sends a beacon every 5 mins.

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You are right we have received it here! At ~380 and 680.

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Tentative identifications of TLEs to objects:

  • 43721 437.350MHz FacSAT-1
  • 43728 437.775MHz Reaktor Hello World
  • 43738 437.450MHz InnoSAT-2

Based on the discovery by DK3WN [1] that InnoSat-2 is transmitting 4k8 GMSK, I’ve added that as a transmitter to its DB entry:




The CW mode of Reaktor Hello World uses Morse dits which are 40ms wide. This corresponds to 30 WPM. gr-satnogs should be able to deal with this, as it rejects rates above 30 WPM. Still, it would be good to cautiously introduce this.

cc’ing @surligas for CW wpm limit.

Some updates since my last post:

From the five satellites we have 3 (Innosat-2, FacSAT, Centauri-2) of them with a norad id. For the rest two (Reaktor and 3Cat-1) we have found two norad ids but they are so close to each other so we can not still say which one is which.

Unfortunately we haven’t got 3Cat-1 for some time, and the only reference about reception comes from this tweet And the suggested TLE comes from the 3Cat-1 satellite site.

Innosat-2 is received at 435.500MHz and not at 437.500MHz as is coordinated in IARU. This could be a change not written down in IARU site, a typo in IARU site or a change that the satellite team did.

Centauri-1 was falsely assigned for this deployment. According to a Software Engineer from FleetSpace, the company behind Centauri satellites, Centauri-1 is going to be deployed from SSO-A and this one is Centauri-2.


According to an “inofficial” statement 435.500 MHz is the satellite’s default frequency after reboot.
Maybe someone of the team, if reading in here, could confirm this “officially”!?