Is SSH connection to the client PC required?

I am very new so please bear with me.

I have downloaded and setup the Satnogs client in a Debian linux PC, but for convenience I am using my windows laptop to capture signal using a simple dipole antenna outside.(picture is from google but is the same antenna)

Firstly, do I need to connect the linux PC to a Satnogs location?

Secondly, do I need to connect the windows laptop to the linux PC via SSH in order to connect to Satnogs?

Lastly is the antenna suitable for recieving satellite signal, the antenna has a maximum length of 2 meters end to end, and a minimum of 30 cm end to end.

Thank you very much for your time

Not sure I understand your setup. But the computer that is running satnogs must have the SDR connected to it. If you happen to be using a Raspberry Pi as the satnogs computer, then usually you need to SSH into the PI from another computer because quite frequently they are run with no monitor (“headless”), but otherwise the computer running Satnogs can be stand alone. That antenna will work, but you won’t get great results (essentially any antenna will work, actually).


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