Is OUFTI-1 CW beacon still alive?

Hi everybody,

This evening i was trying to capture de the morse code from the oufti-1 cube sat. Gpredic was telling me that the cubesat was in my area but i received nothing , absolutly nothing, i scanned from 145.979 to 145.992 , really nothing. Normaly my discone still working ^^ I just saw the last on the websites all are in bad quality (we can even ear nothing, so maybe my results was not that weird). Maybe some other persons can try ? because the status into the satnogs db is alive=true.

I tried with my DIAMOND D-130NJ Type-N discone antenna linked to a funcube pro+ dongle with RG-8 coax.

Looks like last time anything was received by SatNOGS network was in December

If we set alive=false then we will no longer be able to schedule passes with that transmitter.

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Hello @csete

Thanks for your answer, i came to the same conclusion. Ah yes ok, i didn’t know that it was linked to the schedule function. But at this time, maybe it is no longer required to be able to schedule passes with that transmitter if nobody is able to receive signal from it. But it’s my opignion , i don’t know how it works in satnogs to update that status :slight_smile: