Install satnogs-client on a non-debian system


I tried the ansible install and got this error.

How do I install the client on a non-debian machine?

There are two ways:

The one is to modify the ansible script to support other distributions and the other is to manually install satnogs-client and gr-satnogs by following the instructions in the repositories and make sure that dependencies are satisfied.

If you choose the second approach, there is this deprecated guide for installation of both projects in fedora rpi distribution to give you an idea how a manual installation looks like.

I want to try to edit the ansible script first. I couldn’t find the spot ‘ansible_distribution’ assertion is. Do you know where that is and if I could just comment it out when I find it?

Notice that it is in satnogs-client-ansible project and not in satnogs-client one. :wink:

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For posterity…

edit satnogs-client-ansible/roles/common/main.yml
and comment out the assertion