Initial RTL-SDR setup issues

OOPS! School boy error.

Having another issue too.
Everytime I reboot I am locked out of the console.
Reverting to a working image until I have time to find out why…

Morning I had the same problem , after 4 days of messing about , re flashing and rebuilding i think i’m back up thanks to the help of the site . ( not happy with the results but at least have a waterfall and data)

Same as my build i notice “pending-updates”: true,” i updated and applied lots but this was still an issue see thread Station doesn't work after update and Fredys post
Station doesn't work after update


This is the issue - As mentioned, you need to run satnogs-setup, select ‘Update’, and then once that’s done, select ‘Apply’.
Once this is done, your gnuradio version should be on 3.8.1 and all should work again.

This all stems from a bug that was introduced in satnogs-client-ansible last Thursday, and has clearly affected a lot of users!


Thanks for the info. I will try again on a testing station I plan setting up tomorrow.