Incorrect screw and nut counts on the BOM for a complete tracking box?

First, I’m sorry if I’m missing someting obvious. In the ground station v2 assembly directions step 14 (very last step), it says that 8xM4 screws should be used on the lid (which screw into the axis sides). There are no M4 screws listed in the BOM at the top. Also, the latest axis sides include holes for captive nuts to reside which need to be added to the BOM too.

So, as far as I can tell, one needs an additional 16xM4x18mm screws and 16xM4 nuts to finish out a complete box.

Thanks, and again sorry if I’m missing something.


Also add 12x M5x18mm bolts to the BOM, thanks (for the axis bushings and homing sensor holders).

I’ve updated guide.

Just FYI, it seems there is no additional permissions for update guides. It seems you might have enough permissions to update them :wink:


Heh, thanks. I didn’t even think to try :smiley:

Thanks for updating the guide! Indeed the lid screws and nuts were missing, as well as the 12x M5x18mm for the homing sensor holders and axis bushings.