Icom IC9700 doppler control

@vk2byf I initally did not want to post this because this is out of the subject of this thread which is to make the IC9700 doppler control work with gpredict. But I could not resist…

I work every day under windows programs. One of my friend uses macdoppler, BEAUTIFUL program, simple and it just works… but then again, I’ll need to buy a MAC to run that single program on a mac, another keyboard, mouse, monitor for a single program ? nope…

I feel the same way with linux… I am sure you are right about the stability, no fear of viruses and so on, I know it is a good OS. In my opinion, this will do the same thing than getting a macmini to run a single program… now I need linux to run gpredict on a multi-boot computer ? on a virtual machine (where my system does not have enough ram to run this) ?.. My work, emails, programs are ALL under windows and frankly, windows integrate pretty well with android which is what I use as a mobile device.

When I first saw gpredict and I read it was to be run under linux, I was soooo disapointed but as soon I saw a couple days later a windows port, I installed it and like you said, it just works. That is all I need, a functional, beautiful, efficient program that works !

I have nothing against linux users, but I feel that it is not for eveyone like you said. And when I linux user want to push me out of windows where ALL my program are for my hobby, my every day work is, it’s like me telling you to come back to windows.

But thanks for sharing your opinion !

No one is trying to push you away from Windows. Windows serves a very large business market.

I noticed on your stats page you posted made no mention of UNIX OS. Linux is free Unix almost. It has/had may business users.

I was given a little Hp notebook which was strangled when the owner allowed Win 8.1 to upgrade itself to Windows 10. Killed it.
It flies on Linux 19.2. and runs all my HAM stuff.
Android and Windows. Can you run Gpredict on an Android tablet? What about some of the Android Apps? I believe there are also tablets that run Windows, not sure? You really need to have a separate display for Gpredic plus you need a USB port to control the rig. A tablet would be ideal.
I just use the IC-9100 for TX and receive with SDRuno and SDRplay receiver.

Just want to add to this that from my experience GPredict works perfectly on Windows for me but I don’t do radio control of my FT-736R yet. I have had more problems on Linux Mint with GPredict of crashing or having to build from source.

Any of you guys have issues with the latest daily snapshot with rigctld 0.18.3 ? only one of my VFO is tracking now, I have to roll back to the december 1st rigctld 0.10.2 and it is working. Not super stable but it works.

I am exchanging with Mike on this sending him logs but I am starting to wonder if it is something on my side.