I am really new to radio, and everything assumes you know about it

I want to make an omnidirectional receiver having read the hackspace article, but I frankly don’t understand the entire part about creating a slim jim antenna. Everything on the internet assumes you know how it works.

The software isn’t a problem; I use Linux all the time and am typing this from a Linux machine.

My grandfather has all the equipment. I don’t have the budget to buy an antenna.

PS: What kind of signals can be received by a slim jim 145mhz antenna? I don’t mind about cubesats.

Are there any easier antennas?

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You can view biconical antenna : Observation 1044185: HORYU 2 (38340)

Alex, you can start with a simple ground plane antenna. If located outdoors and sufficiently away from noise sources, they do pretty well for how simple they are. Here is an example of one I made:

It will never out perform an az-el yagi, but comes pretty close (compared to the cost/effort) to the circularly polarized omnis like the QFH and turnstiles

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