How to clean keps elements?

Hello everyone,

how can I “clean” keps elements in gpredict ?

I only use the satellite from amsat and do not need the rest that were downloaded from celestrak.

I get 1180 satellites that are marked as missing because I do not download the keps anymore for these which came from celestrak.


Any way to get rid of those unused satellite in the database ?

Thank you all !

I think you can manually go into the keps storage files and delete everything, and then update as normal and it will “forget” all the old keps. I can’t remember where they are stored but if you dig around you should be able to find them.

Ok thanks for the suggestions.

I found C:\Users\username\Gpredict\satdata and C:\Users\username\Gpredict\trsp which I deleted the content but when I started Gpredict again, it fetched all the data by itself before starting.

I managed to cut some but still got over 800 ones that I don’t use and don’t know where to get rid of even though I only have one single source of TLE for download the data…


So if you or someone else has ideas how to clean the non used satellite, that would be welcomed information !

Thank you !

I only use Linux based - and can’t remember how I did it (I’ve uninstalled and re-installed gpredict so many times due to unrelated computer issues that I gave up trying to clean up the satellites list). If I have some time this weekend I will try and figure it out again.

Managing TLE data is one of the big weaknesses in gpredict and certainly high on my TODO list to improve.

The problem is that even if you delete TLE data from your user configuration directory, gpredict will re-add the data from the distribution directory., so it has to be removed from there as well.

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@csete thank you for the reply, I will try to find where that data is in the gpredict folders.

Can’t wait to get a windows refresh version… specially when I see this and all the recent changes in satnog and radio control we’ve been discussing lately !!!

What I do is go to the GPredict preferences, TLE Update, and use “files to fetch” to eliminate a few that I don’t want. It seems to work.

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