How do clients generally use the observed data?

I am curious about how most data of observations are utilized in study research. And it is better if please someone describe the operation mode of SatNOGS. Don’t the web owners make profits?
Hope for a qualified answer. Thanks.

Some clarifications:
The SatNOGS Client is the software running on SatNOGS ground stations. A very simplified description could be: That software fetches scheduling for observations from the SatNOGS Network, records the data needed using software-defined radios and uploads these data on the SatNOGS Network.

The data we collect is used to create information dashboards like the ones we create in SatNOGS Dashboard or to provide insights about relations between satellite subsystems using machine learning techniques (see the Polaris demo). Data from observations are available under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike v4.0 license.

Using these data researchers familiar with the subject are able to extrapolate data from satellite missions: some examples for SatNOGS data used in research and how satellite teams use SatNOGS as a part of their mission planning that I was checking out yesterday while browsing from the university library network I have access to (apparently there are more examples).

SatNOGS is developed and operated under the auspices Libre Space Foundation a non-profit organization working together with partners from all over the globe to provide research and services in open-source space technologies.