Homing sensor holder FreeCAD weirdness

So, trying to adjust the size of the axis hole in the homing sensor holder by changing its constraint (constraint18). Oddly enough, any change to this size will cause the pocket cut sketch to change angle, position, and axis. Trying to change these back to their original values shows a green checkbox upon editing but the new values will not stay.

(needing to readjust the hold to about 17.2mm for imperial pvc)

I can reproduce this behavior across 2 copies of freecad (win and osx), with one oddity, the X position in windows ends up 5.5mm while osx is -5.5mm. All other position changes are the same.


Well, it worked in FreeCAD .14 in Ubuntu… Wouldn’t work right in OSX, Windows, .14 or .15rc2