Hide option to delete GS from dashboard

Hi guys,

I’d like to share a friendly suggestion as I almost deleted my ground station in error. I wanted to delete a scheduled observation but while navigating through the GUI I mistakenly clicked on X while on my GS dashboard. While it’s really obvious which button deletes the observation and which removes the ground station, it seems like it’s really easy to delete the GS mistakenly.

I would suggest you consider putting the option to remove the GS within station edit options instead. I know this sounds silly and I’m sure it happened to 0,05% of users, but when doing things in speed it’s really possible to press the red X button and confirm GS deletion.

Thank you!


In order to delete your station, you need to hit the X buttons and then write the id of it into the text form field that shows up and hit delete. Do you think that this can happen accidentally?

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Ah, that makes more sense. I first had this “issue” occur from mobile, where I missed the station ID part :slight_smile: Oh well, looks like we’re good. Thanks for your prompt response!

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Just for the record… there are at least two cases that station has been accidentally removed, before adding this confirmation. After adding it, there wasn’t any known accident. :slight_smile: