Hidden corner source?

Anyone have a decent Aliexpress or eBay source for the correctly sized hidden corners?

I bought these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/20pcs-T-Slot-L-Shape-Corner-Connector-Joint-Bracket-for-2020-Alu-profile-3D-printer-2020/32649859762.html

But they’re too long, and now the side assembly won’t slot in on the left side as it should in step 4 https://ohai.satnogs.org/project/satnogs-rotator-v3-mechanical-assembly/hardware/.

Why not just trim them down and drill/tap new screw holes? Easy enough.

Easy enough if you’ve got access to a workshop. Only have hand tools here.

No workshop here, just hand tools.
I have the same brackets. 2 of mine came with holes un-tapped. Lucky I had a M3 tap on hand.

How much too long are they? I haven’t started to build my frame yet.

There were smaller internal brackets, but I can’t find the source anymore. The link in the BOM doesn’t work.

You could always try something like these:

I used the same ones. A few needed to be used in inventive ways. No need to cut them down, they work just as well internally and externally as corner parts. Just remove the grub screws and put them in the other way round. Not quite as neat but perfectly good for our use.

Thanks, I guess using them externally would be the way to go. Was going to do that but was concerned that it might cause issues further on in the build process.

Those small corner brackets might also work, but would be a bit weaker I would imagine.

I think that part of the rotator is very sturdy once everything is in place and the difference will be very small