Hi peeps! I need to your help!

Hello guys! long time no speak :smiley:
These days, our cubesat (Step-1) revived. But we don’t have any transceiver beacuse it is under repare now. so we need to your help.
Could you try to receive our CW signal? we want to check voltage of the battery. CW means STEP1 and then value of voltage.

If you get sound files, Please send to my email.
e-mail: hyeon3568@gmail.com

Thank you

Frequency: 437.485MHz
1 43138U 18004AD 18091.13833653 .00001457 00000-0 65673-4 0 9991
2 43138 97.5423 153.6110 0009859 21.3375 338.8270 15.22653801 11994

From what I see its in Satnogs DB already so people have been making observations for it.

You can find them here. The audio files can also be downloaded from those observations.

And I have a number of observations completed and scheduled in the dev section as well that you may want to have a look at.

In most observations (not just mine) I see a CW-like signal from 0 sec to about 200 sec into the recording, starting at about 17-20 KHz then drifting up to beyond 25 KHz. This creates a typical curve in the bottom right in the waterfalls.

I wonder if the TLE for STEP-1 as used by SATNOGS-client is accurate?

We use norad id assigned to step for fetching tle. My wild guess, that needs more investigation, is that this signal is from a satellite in the same path.

We need to check it, by finding which other satellites where deployed at the same time and have transmitters on that frequency.

As it wasn’t only on your observations I think that we can safely say that it is not a terrestrial transmission.