Helical dimension - where to cut notches?


I find that the documentation for the helical antenna is quite clear and detailed, except for one point: where to cut the notches in the 3 support tubes so that the helix is spaced correctly. The docu says:

Then we need to mark the wire notches on the pipes. Consult the design for exact dimensions. 165mm is the spacing between marks for each pipe.

Make sure that on each pipe the marks are offseted by 1/3 of 165mm from the previous one. Refer to design if in doubt.

I find that “consulting the design” is easier said than done. I’m having trouble snapping the measurement tool to the notches in the 3D design so can’t measure the distances from the drawing.

Can I assume that the spacing between each turn of the helix is uniform? If so then construction would be easy; I mark each pipe in 165mm increments, with the marks (=notches) on each pipe offset by 165mm/3.

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Hey @on4bds! Yes the spacing between each turn is uniform.

We also have a newest design optimized for non-3D printed parts (rather with laser-cut or waterjet parts ) that will be going live soon. You can proceed with the current design though :smile:

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