Heads-up when using transponder data in Gpredict

Hi guys,

I just realized tat some satellites have multiple transponders in the DB using the same name, whereas gpredict uses the transponder name as unique identifier in the config file. Thus only one of the the transponders will be stored when doing an import.

Just a heads-up until we fix it.

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@ta7w do you have any time to look into this ^ ? :slight_smile:

OK… I got it… I will try to take care of it… I will share the solution idea here soon.

@csete May I fork from the github master for this… ? I think you merged all back to master…

73’s DE TA7W
Baris DINC

Hi Baris,

Yes, it is the master branch and you are welcome to take a look at it, although I really wish to discuss the solution before looking at any patch.