Hardware for V3 rotator

Hi all,

My call is 9W2GEE from west malaysia . i would like to build 1 v3 rotator and also help to contribute and monitor form my base station .

I have the files for the 3d printed parts. Anyone here can provide me a list of hardware exclude 3d printed parts? i need sometime to check and buy the materials or equipment to do it. infomation abt the bearing , type of motor to use .


Hey the list of materials for SatNOGS Rotator v3.0.1 is available in the latest release file https://github.com/satnogs/satnogs-rotator/releases/tag/v3.0.1

It should be satnogs-mechanical-obs.ods or something similar.

If you plan to build your SatNOGS Ground station using the SatNOGS Rotator controller https://github.com/satnogs/satnogs-rotator-controller

Hope that helped a bit.

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Thanks elkos i got the 3d printed files and the code . may i know which kind of dc motor and steeper motor i will need to use . both they have diffrent type of rpm.