GQRX operation mode change

Hi all,

I’m running Gpredict last compiled version from source.
All is running well and I’m controlling GQRX for doppler correction.
Is there a way to change automatically from example SSB to FM when switching for example Funcube sat do Fox sat ?

Many thanks.
Piero IZ1ERR

Hi Piero,

For now, Gpredict can only control the frequency and send AOS/LOS messages.


Hi Alex,

thanks for your reply!
This future is very helpful when you track various type of satellites and you need to change operative mode.
Trying to bypass this problem, using gpredict logs I can write a script that detect last satellite switch and send the mode change command to GQRX via 7536 TCP port, but when I try this, Engage future of radio control of Gpredict disconnects and don’t reconnect automatically to GQRX :frowning:

Any other idea ?

Piero IZ1ERR

That’s a limitation in gqrx and I have no “other idea”

I understand that this feature is useful and I have discussed it many times in the past. However; just like with the hundreds of other very important and useful feature wishes (not to mention critical bugs), it requires that somebody takes the time to design and implement it.

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Hi Piero! in which log do you obtain the satellite that will be selected???

One option that i’m thinking to implement (in my case in a Raspberry pi), it’s setup a local port for a python scripts… so the gpredict connects to it, and then the python, sends the commands to the gqrx port.

For the frecuency commands it wold be replicate transparently, but i can add mode commands for example the “mode configuration”.