Gpredict stops sending 'Set' command

I am using Gpredict version 2.2.1 and Hamlib rotctld connected to a piece of custom firmware(on an Arduino) for a rotator I am building. The system uses the EasyComm II protocol to interface between rotctld and the firmware. I’m noticing that every so often (about 10-15 seconds), Gpredict stops sending the “Set” command through Hamlib for about five cycles (1000ms/cycle = 5 seconds). It will then go back to sending the “Set” command every cycle, unless the position is within tolerance of target. I am seeing this on the rotctld output monitor, using the -vvvvv command when I start rotctld. The problem occurs even when the target is not close to the position that the firmware is sending to Gpredict. The “get” command is still coming through every cycle, and the firmware is responding properly; the correct position of the system is shown in the antenna control window at all times. I realize this may also be a rotctld problem rather than a Gpredict problem, but I am unsure how to test that.

Any information about why this may be occurring, or advice on how to troubleshoot it would be very helpful.

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