Gpredict + Rotctld + G5400b/GS-232


Cameron - it’s definitely working! I just flip-flopped between two weather satellites that each required different elevation “start angles” and both which crossed the north/south line and both seemed to track perfectly.

Amazing work! Thank you so much! I will continue to post in this thread as I learn anything new.



Great news. Let me know about the azimuth angles being reported as I suspected there might be an issue (but haven’t had a chance to review the GPredict code. Previous correspondence from the author stated Azimuth directions where ‘true’ and therefore if the rotator is reporting in the range 0-360, this should be being displayed correctly - without any 180deg correction being applied. It could be something to do with the ST2 however, as you do need to set it to being ‘North Centred’ (Yaesu GS232 had a command for this and the ST2 has this as a configuration step in the manual (step 11 as referenced above). A word of warning to all - I may ‘correct’ the HAMLIB libraries in the future if I find that I can fix this properly in GPredict (I looked at this a few years ago and for the most-part the code is there - just needed to be restructured but I didn’t have time to delve in at the time).


Cameron - VK2CKP